Reaching the Consumers Who Matter Most: A Q&A with Forrester’s Susan Bidel

August 8, 2019

Learn how to reach the consumers who matter most to you

Consumers — and the touchpoints that trigger their impulse to buy — have changed. Today’s shoppers are empowered by the devices they use and their ability to find the information they need.

What you assume about your customers based on their demographics may no longer be true.

Marketers operating in digital environments can no longer think in terms of age, gender, education, and income. Today’s consumers are far more complicated than that.

In this ebrief, Forrester Senior Analyst Susan Bidel describes dramatic changes in consumer behavior and how marketers can connect their best-performing marketing with the people who matter most.

Download this ebrief to learn:

  • How consumers' relationship to marketing and advertising has changed
  • Why you need to develop an audience-centric approach to marketing and advertising
  • What it takes to build more robust profiles of your customers and prospects
  • How to ensure your messages are relevant to your customers and prospects
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