Kellogg Expert Interview: Gain Deeper Consumer Insights with People-Based Measurement

July 12, 2018 Ginna Hall

People-based marketing and measurement have the potential to increase brand growth and lower costs by helping companies target the right people through the right channels at the right frequency.

“If you think about being able to understand when and how you’re reaching an actual person across devices, and not a cookie or identifier, you can better manage cross-channel reach and frequency,” says Chris Osner-Hackett, senior director, marketing operations, at Kellogg Company.

Chris Osner-Hackett, Kellogg Company“Not only should that drive better reach and better outcomes from the person you’re targeting, but it should also prevent you from oversaturating them with frequencies or serving messages to folks who just aren’t going to purchase your products.”

We interviewed Osner-Hackett  to get his insights on how people-based marketing helps improve customer experience at Kellogg Company.

Kellogg began its people-based marketing journey in 2014 and is ramping up its people-based measurement efforts this year to gain deeper insights into customer behavior.

Osner-Hackett joined Kellogg in 2012, bringing extensive media and marketing experience from his roles at inVentiv Health, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Campbell Soup Company, and Wendy’s.

Over the past five years, Osner-Hackett’s position has expanded to encompass strategy, global partnerships, and oversight of Kellogg’s data-driven media activation and data management platform (DMP).

With data at the core of Kellogg’s marketing model, Osner-Hackett works to integrate and continually evolve the company’s agency, partnership, and data enablement capabilities to better drive impact across the business.

Gain Deeper Consumer Insights with People-Based Measurement

At Kellogg, understanding consumer behavior is the foundation for creating the customer experience and driving brand growth. “It’s getting at what is preventing a consumer from buying more of our product,” Osner-Hackett says. “What’s preventing them from picking up that can of Pringles or that package of Keebler cookies? It could be a number of things.”

For example, the product might not be available in the package size a customer wants, it might not be available at the customer’s preferred store, or the messaging about the product might not be connecting with the consumer in a meaningful way. Different obstacles require different solutions, including product innovation, packaging design, or new messaging.

Kellogg Company

The Value of a People-Based Approach

People-based measurement makes it easier for companies to understand whether messaging is impeding or facilitating brand growth by showing them how effective their marketing campaigns are.

“It gives a better picture of what across the broad experience drove that purchase,” Osner-Hackett says. People-based measurement also enhances understanding of the success of individual channels and messages.

He added, “What in that overall marketing mix drove that offline purchase? Was it linear TV, our online video, our influencer program, a PR program, or some combination thereof? We do quite a bit of measurement at Kellogg, but from a people-based standpoint, that’s what we’re interested in measuring.”

Most brands appear to be in the initial stages of adopting people-based marketing and measurement, and to those companies, Osner-Hackett advises first clarifying the value of a people-based approach to the organization.

Once the value has been established, he then recommends marketers look for strong partners who will support a people-based approach, offer transparency and adhere to brand guidelines.

In addition, he suggests that these partners go beyond simply executing what a brand asks for and actively seek out new ideas and learning opportunities. “They [should] come to the table and say, ‘Let’s partner and learn and grow together,” he says.

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