Nielsen Welcomes Estelle Pinault, RVP, France

November 12, 2019 Ginna Hall

Data analytics expert Estelle Pinault has joined Nielsen Marketing Effectiveness as Regional Vice President, Sales for France & Belgium.

Based in Bezons, France, Estelle brings a passion for data and nearly fifteen years of experience in marketing ROI solutions within retail and other industries. Her goal is to help clients improve their strategy through a better understanding of their business and marketing mix. 

Estelle has a PhD in Econometrics from Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris. Her expertise includes helping large accounts and their agencies turn data into useful information so they can make faster, more profitable investment decisions. At Nielsen, she’ll focus on showing clients in CPG and other verticals how to leverage analytics to get the most value out of their marketing effectiveness measurement solutions.

Before joining Nielsen, Estelle worked as consulting director at Data2Decisions (D2D), a consulting firm whose capabilities include evaluation and optimization across media, pricing, promotions and creative. At D2D, she led an analyst team, providing data driven insights and strategic recommendations based on marketing mix modeling results.

Prior to D2D, she served as commercial director POS analytics at GfK, one of the world’s largest market research organizations, where she managed the European business. She was responsible for training local commercial teams and sharing best practices with important clients across Europe. 

We asked Estelle a few questions about marketing, analytics and the challenges facing marketers today.

How do you think your colleagues would describe you?

The consensus would be that I am a “tornado” who doesn’t stay in place, dynamic and passionate about analytics and with a strong desire to convince.

My energy and my natural tendency to engage in discussion are the foundations of my personality. I always want to share, to brainstorm, and to listen to people’s ideas and interesting points of view. 

They would also surely say that I never give up. When I believe in something, and especially in the power of analytics, I need everyone to be convinced as well.

What skills from your past experience do you bring to Nielsen?

My career in analytics, both in-house and at media agencies, has given me a deep understanding of marketing effectiveness. This allows me to have mastery of methodologies, concrete use cases and examples with a realistic view of the limitations and difficulties of this business.

I also bring my expertise in the French market with a retail focus, and a wide view of efficiency measurement in various verticals with all their own specificities. 

What's the biggest challenge you see marketers facing today?

Today, when there are a number of different measurement solutions, it can be confusing to see what really helps marketers have a good view into what contributes the most to the growth of their business.

Marketing budgets are spread across many different buckets, which sometimes compete with each other, and in the end not all are equally efficient. Being clear about what works well is still a challenge, with a consumer journey that is more and more difficult to track.

I also think that some organizations are overwhelmed by data and the use of analytical tools. They need to be supported and reassured about the advantages of integrating these solutions. The place to start is ROI optimization. Top management should show the way. All stakeholders must be involved and see the benefit of adopting these decision-support tools. This is where I love to act!

What advice do you have for marketers?

Don’t be mistaken about what's important today. There are plenty of measurement and optimization solutions in the market. But marketers need to find the answer to this question: What’s really working among all my marketing tactics?

They have to understand the difference between performance measurement and impact measurement. Marketers must understand how to allocate budget to achieve better performance.

Make room for marketing effectiveness solutions. Don’t think you don’t need it, don’t think it’s too complicated, don’t think your organization is too small. These are super powerful tools, dedicated to support and help you do better every day. 

What is an innovative new strategy you'd like to see more marketers using?

Marketers who focus on digital need to use the most accurate ways to measure impact and efficiency. Digital has become so complex and budgets are constantly growing. Organizations have new targets to achieve for 2020 or 2025 and are forced to go step by step and adopt a “test and learn” approach.  Multi-touch attribution is a new challenge with a large highway in France. I want to democratize this solution.

What’s a goal that you want to accomplish in the next year?

I want to expand the use of multi-touch attribution in France and get some best cases to share with Europe. I hope to help Nielsen—with its long history in FMCG and technical expertise—be viewed as an important player in France and in all verticals.

What are you happiest doing when you’re not working?

I live in a small little village in the suburb of Paris, close to the forest with my husband and my two sons. When I  leave the office, I love walking and I practicing different sports such as classical dance, running and swimming. I couldn’t imagine life without traveling, which for me is the most rewarding. I also appreciate having time to read.

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