Solutions for the Digital Era: Nielsen at DMEXCO 2019

September 5, 2019 Sonya Ford, VP Product Marketing International Media, Nielsen

We live in a world where brands fight to win and keep customers. Yet consumers today have never been so disloyal.

Despite major investments in engaging and seamless customer experiences, many companies find that even after winning someone’s trust, they can lose it in the blink of an eye—or a tweet—sometimes forever.

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Today’s product and media landscape is exploding with choice. In fact, consumers are demanding it in every part of their lives. They’re more aware and engaged with broader competitive sets than five years ago. There are simply more products on the shelf and more content than ever before. 

Marketers are in new territory. Competition for customers’ attention has never been so relentless, or so complicated.  Consumers now interact with your brand across a dizzying number of channels, touchpoints and devices.

You need to supply an increasingly distracted audience with stories that are engaging and relevant. And set your brand apart by making every interaction a meaningful experience. It’s harder than ever to know whether your ads and other marketing tactics are reaching the right audience—or making an impact.

Looking for Answers in a Complex World

Proving which marketing tactics actually drive revenue and growth may be the hardest part of your job. The quantity of data and channels you could track is exploding, but it’s scattered across multiple systems with no easy way to tie it all together. To add to the complexity, consumers are more aware of privacy and security.

You’re looking for clear answers—but you’re getting different stories from different data. And you’re under pressure to make all that data tell a single story so you can react quickly and assess performance holistically. 

Most marketers measure across traditional and digital media. But channel-specific metrics, weeks-old data and coverage gaps can throw off your accuracy, too. Your data may only be refreshed every few weeks or months, but you’re making decisions and digital buys every day. That mismatched speed can cost you, big time. 

Plus, it’s hard to get a complete picture of your consumers and how channels are working together to drive a particular KPI when new channels keep emerging.  Even more troubling, falling back on legacy approaches means that you can’t prove how you’re contributing to the growth of the business. 

In today’s digital age, speed matters. If you’re not able to maximize each touchpoint in the consumer journey -- and do so quickly -- you could be missing opportunities to influence key audiences and take advantage of new and influential advertising channels.

No matter what your role, you need to make accurate decisions about your strategies, audiences, tactics and timing, so you can create the best experiences for your customers, and the greatest returns for your business.

Solutions for the Digital Era

At DMEXCO 2019, we’ll present solutions for today’s marketer. These products meet the challenges of the digital era by allowing marketers to plan, activate and optimize their media.

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Our solutions leverage the power of Nielsen data, platforms, and modeling methodologies without compromising accuracy or actionability. Every member of your team – from executives to channel managers and data analysts to media planners and agency partners – can get the fast, reliable insights they need to inform their decision making.

Visit us at Stand B-19 in Hall 8 for demonstrations of how these solutions help marketers get the information they need to improve results and show the value of their initiatives.


  • Marketing Mix Modeling
    With Nielsen’s Marketing Mix Modeling, you can assess the impact of your investments, see what’s working and plan your marketing and spend accordingly.
  • Nielsen Media Impact
    Nielsen Media Impact allows data-driven, panel-based, analysis and optimization of cross-media planning.
  • Commspoint
    Nielsen’s Commspoint helps you improve and extend strategic media planning by allowing budget splits across TV, radio, and video. Nielsen’s Commspoint Journey supports research into when, where and how people choose to buy products and brands.


  • Nielsen Marketing Cloud
    Our fully-integrated platform enables you to manage every phase of the marketing process in a single place—from media planning and activation to data management and attribution.
  • Addressable TV
    Nielsen’s Addressable TV Ad platform lets programmers and advertisers tap into Smart TVs to combine the power and scale of linear television with the targeting and analytics of digital media.


  • Multi-Touch Attribution
    Nielsen Attribution allows you to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing activities across channels and devices, at granular levels, while they’re still in-flight.
  • Digital Ad Ratings
    Our Digital Ad Ratings combine reliable, single-source audience and viewability data for the most holistic view of digital campaigns so advertisers can optimize ad budgets and publishers can optimize inventory.

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Our solutions enable brands and agencies to discover their best-performing marketing based on the people who matter most. To see them in action, visit us in Hall 8, Stand B-19.

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