Nielsen Marketing Effectiveness Welcomes Jing Li, VP, Customer Success

January 31, 2019 Ginna Hall

Analytics expert Jing Li has joined Nielsen Marketing Effectiveness as VP of Customer Success, Global Renewals and Analytics.

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Jing leads the global team dedicated to ensuring customers can get the most value out of the company's marketing effectiveness measurement solutions.

Jing has been with Nielsen for fifteen years, where she's managed the Marketing and Sales Effectiveness practice in a wide range of analytic consulting, operations and business development roles. Before joining Nielsen, she worked in consumer brand research at Goodyear and sales at IBM.

Jing has a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Beijing Foreign Studies University, China, and a master's degree in Marketing Research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

We asked Jing for her thoughts on digital marketing and the challenges facing marketers today.

Q: How do you think your colleagues would describe you?

A: I think they would say that I’m very kind and sincere. I feel that it’s really important for them to know that I’m there for the team. Also, I love the client-facing role. I feel so energized in client meetings, learning their business and their challenges, and how we can make a difference.

I worked in the CPG world and consulted on a lot of new products. When I walked in a grocery store, I could see the products I worked on. It was fun to see these products on the shelves, to know that I made a personal contribution to their success. That’s one of the unique parts of our role that I’m passionate about. We touch so many clients and have a deep influence on what consumers actually see and buy.

Q: What skills from your past experience will you bring to Nielsen Marketing Effectiveness?

A: I just celebrated 15 years at Nielsen, aways in marketing and sales measurement, deep in the analytics practice. I spent ten years in marketing mix modeling consulting. I have deep experience in marketing strategies and optimization. Coming to the Marketing Effectiveness team is an extension of that — now including the tactical optimization space and a move to more holistic measurement. My past strategic measurement and ROI experience is coming in handy.

Part of my role is to help integrate the team. Nielsen and Marketing Effectiveness both have great assets. My familiarity with the commercial operations side will bring the team together faster and more efficiently.

Q: What's the biggest challenge you see marketers facing today?

A: It’s a very fragmented media space, the environment is changing rapidly, and there is a lot of scrutiny on privacy and data sharing. Marketers are trying to find the best way to both leverage assets and respect people’s privacy. Measurement has always been a challenge, starting with linear TV and now with multiple touchpoints. The right measurement is getting more complex every day. I think the biggest challenge is how to use measurement to drive decisions, from a high-level strategic direction to the tactical level that informs day-to-day operations.

Q: What advice do you have for marketers?

A: It’s important to break down the silos and have transparency into what marketing dollars actually drive the bottom line. Defining what success is and what the right KPIs are is really important. If you have siloed channels and different goals, it’s hard to drive success. Having common success goals and measurement toward those are critical.

Also marketers need a willingness to be radically open minded. There’s a desire to be perfect but open mindedness is needed to embrace the changing environment and what’s available to make incremental improvements. They can reap the benefits today of money left on the table instead of waiting for the perfect solution.

Q: What is an innovative new marketing strategy that you'd like to see more marketers using?

A: I wonder if is it more important to be innovative or effective? For example, we are all bombarded by emails multiple times. Once I see something too many times, I’ll unsubscribe, even if I like the brand. We need to think from a consumer’s perspective — what’s appropriate and effective? Is it the same ad following you ten times? Execution matters. Marketers need to think carefully to avoid any long-term negative impact on brand equity.

Q: What’s a goal you have for yourself that you want to accomplish in the next year?

A: Personally, work-life balance is core to me. I want to be very successful and have an impact at work and have time with my kids as they grow up. This continues to be a challenge for every working mother. I grew up in China and am on the board for a local Chinese community organization. Another goal of mine is to introduce Chinese culture in our community and to celebrate it with my children.

Q: What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working?

A: I’m a big fan of hot yoga. I’ve been doing it for ten plus years. It’s a workout that lets me have some “me time” while being challenged with a group of other people in the same room. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling with my kids. They spend the summer in China with my parents and extended family. I think having them experience different places will really help them later on.

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