How Cookies, Pixels and IDs Help You Get the Data You Need

August 8, 2019

Learn how today’s sophisticated analytics platforms help identify consumers across every touchpoint

One of the most frequently asked questions about mar tech and ad tech is how the “plumbing” works.

Digital technology, mobile devices and wireless broadband have created a world in which each consumer follows their own unique path-to-purchase for every product or service.

Technology allows marketers to monitor and measure each stop on the journey -- the “touchpoints” where a brand and its buyer meet.

There are several tracking technologies that make this possible: cookies, click redirects, image tags, site tags and unique identifiers.​

Download our ebrief to:

  • Learn the differences between each type of technology
  • Find out when to use them
  • See which tech is compatible with browsers, platforms and publishers
  • Get a glimpse of the future of tracking technologies
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