Leading a Successful Multi-Touch Attribution Implementation

August 8, 2019

The modern marketer manages an ever-expanding portfolio of paid, owned and earned initiatives across online and offline channels. One of the ways in which marketers track, measure and optimize their media mix is through advanced measurement techniques such as multi-touch attribution (MTA).

MTA provides CMOs and directors with an unbiased view of performance so they can understand how effectively each channel and marketing initiative is driving desired business outcomes and contributing to the bottom line. If you’ve identified a need for MTA, you are already on the right track. Far too many companies waste budget on underperforming tactics because they fail to recognize the need to change their measurement practices. However, implementing MTA can seem like a daunting task. Change management and adoption are equally as important to the success of your implementation as selecting the right vendor and configuring the solution.

So, how can you make sure your team is set up for success as you spearhead this new initiative? Download this Solution Brief to get some pointers that we've derived from our experience with enterprise MTA clients.

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