Why You Need a Data Taxonomy

August 8, 2019

Start off on the right foot to more effective marketing. Learn how to define a universal taxonomy for your organization.

The digital era has ushered in a new age for marketers. There are more ways than ever to reach and engage consumers. But finding your best customer as they move along a tangled digital path requires a sophisticated understanding of digital-era tools and tactics and a clear strategy.

One of the emerging tools for digital marketers is multi-touch attribution -- a solution that accounts for the cross-channel customer journey -- instead of relying on a last touch model.

Multi-touch attribution harnesses your data like a seasoned cowboy at a rodeo so you can get the insights you need. But making the most of this tool requires a few key steps first. You’ve got to put your boots on before you hop in the saddle. Building a data taxonomy is one of those steps. Getting it right will help you nab the prize-winning belt buckle and get the most out of your attribution platform.

We're here to help. Download this eBrief to learn how can build your company's taxonomy in four easy steps.

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