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Nielsen Reveals the Secret Ingredients for Driving Growth for Food Base Brand

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1 Copyright © 2019 The Nielsen Company (US), LLC. Confidential and proprietary. Do not distribute. NIELSEN REVEALS THE SECRET INGREDIENTS FOR DRIVING GROWTH FOR FOOD BASE BRAND SITUATION There's nothing better than a cooked-all-day taste in your favorite meals. That's why this prepared foods company knew they were onto something when they introduced a new food base product that adds big flavor without taking all day. But the product had an awareness problem. Boosting household penetration would require a big marketing push, but getting approval for a larger budget wasn't going to be easy. CHALLENGE The company knew they had a superior product that should have been selling much faster. Segmentation and other underlying consumer data revealed the product had a loyalty rate over 90%, but less than a 5% household penetration rate. Marketers at the company knew they weren't going to increase market share based on loyalty alone, and wanted to launch a media campaign to fast track brand growth. But as a traditionally food service-oriented business, the company hadn't invested much in consumer marketing. In fact, it was outspent as much as 17 times by competitors. To justify a larger marketing budget, the team would need to prove that every dollar spent drove the maximum impact. GOAL Prove the case for consumer marketing and that a test-and-learn approach can fuel product awareness, consideration and sales. SOLUTION The company turned to Nielsen and its Campaign Lift solution to help them plan, execute and measure a limited media test to quantify the impact on sales. Campaign Lift measures sales lift driven by advertising through a single- source approach that connects campaign exposure to brand sales. TESTIMONIAL "As a company that wasn't used to consumer marketing, we knew we couldn't just ask for budget to roll out a national media campaign. We would need to financially prove out our theory first. Nielsen was instrumental to our success. Not only were they able to customize their Campaign Lift solution to meet our testing requirements, but they provided us with a breadth and depth of understanding into just how much consumer marketing and awareness could really drive our business. We couldn't be more ecstatic about the results." VP of Marketing, Prepared Foods Company

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