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Understanding Campaign Performance with Sales & Transaction Data

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Copyright © 2019 The Nielsen Company. Confidential and proprietary. Moira Freeman, Product Marketing Manager Contributors: Daniel Hernandez, Campaign Lift Product Manager & Lilly Wieber, Director, Product Marketing Every year, your team runs a similar set of promotional campaigns, tweaking them slightly based on past performance. This quarter, you designed a new campaign that breaks the mold, and you're confident it will drive sales lift. You convinced your manager to fund the campaign, but now that it's nearing completion, you need a quick, accurate way to prove that the investment was worthwhile -- and that more campaigns like it should be run next quarter. If you're like most marketers, you use an array of tools and tactics to help you understand how your marketing efforts drove sales, but you do not have the tools or data to prove the value of those sales outcomes in terms of dollars and cents. Powered by proprietary store sales and debit and credit card transaction data, Nielsen Campaign Lift provides that missing link, enabling you to plan, activate and measure advertising effectiveness based on actual sales. Campaign Lift connects media exposure data with online and offline transactions through an anonymized match, and measures sales impact by analyzing changes in consumer purchase behavior from exposure to your campaign, whether it was digital, TV, radio or print. But with so many measurement solutions on the market, how do you know if Campaign Lift is the right tool to help you prove that your campaign drove sales value? PROVE YOUR CAMPAIGN DROVE ACTUAL SALES If you're looking to understand how your campaign drove sales, Campaign Lift is integrated with the broadest and most complete sales and transaction data sets available. This enables Campaign Lift to go beyond other measurement solutions, not only measuring conversions but also the sales value of those conversions. But how can you be sure results are accurate? For brands that sell directly to their customers, Campaign Lift leverages credit and debit card transaction data to understand the sales impact of your campaign. This purchase data set is the largest single-source data set of its kind available, covering 80% of all credit card purchases and 30% of all debit card purchases across all major payment networks, including Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. It provides detailed insights into different buyer segments, such as lapsed purchasers, competitor purchasers, and more. If your company is a consumer-packaged goods (CPG) brand or retailer, Campaign Lift leverages actual store sales data to understand how your campaign performed in limited market tests to give you the insight you need to decide how to execute more broadly. CAMPAIGN LIFT

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