Data and Trust Top Themes at DMEXCO 2019

September 17, 2019 Ginna Hall

Another DMEXCO has come and gone. Over 40,000 thought leaders, influencers, marketing and media pros, techies and creators of the global digital economy gathered to share trends and tactics, moon over innovative products, and be enlightened.

"I felt it was an almost overwhelming choice of presentations, talks, debates, seminars, let alone the five exhibitors' halls filled with marketing technology, publishers and media agencies, proving the interest in and complexity of this industry space,” said Sandra Loeffler, Regional Vice President, EMEA, Nielsen Marketing Effectiveness.

This year’s motto was "Trust in you” and listening to the industry buzz, one thread of conversation stood out from the noise: the heightened focus on trust and transparency. Trust plays a critical role in the digital economy, both for the industry and individuals. Brands, publishers, and platforms are taking a deeper look at how to build, preserve and protect consumer trust.

Attendees shared a related focus on data -- who can own and access it and how can it be used and protected to balance the needs of consumers and companies. Brands contend with longer customer journeys and lack the ability to consolidate data to understand the influence of touchpoints across digital and traditional channels.
At the same time, an industry-wide focus on enhancing consumer privacy and data security has raised the bar. Every DMEXCO participant is well aware of new regulations and technology changes that make collecting, measuring and other data-related practices more challenging.

“The central question (or rather questioning plea) is how the digital economy can create confidence for individual users, businesses and society that data is used responsibly, that there are benefits to digitalisation and that brands marketing their offerings responsibly will move the industry forward,” added Sandra.

Our Takeaways from DMEXCO 2019

Nielsen’s Media team had its ear on the ground in the exhibitor halls. Here’s what they heard at Cologne's annual digital marketing event.

Raj Dhanda, Senior Director, Agency Sales and Platform Partnerships, Nielsen Marketing Cloud:

“Off of the back of the Nielsen marketing Cloud DMP being named as a ‘Strong Performer’ in the recent Forrester Wave report, this was certainly one of the busiest for Nielsen. We saw significant interest from Europe’s largest publishers, agencies and brands, particularly in our advanced TV, data management, analytics and targeting capabilities. Addressable, data-driven ‘broadcast’ (TV & Audio) were key themes, as well as the use of Nielsen’s proprietary data sets for measurement and data enrichment.”

Sandra Loeffler, Regional Vice President, EMEA, Nielsen Marketing Effectiveness:

“The core message for the state of marketing effectiveness was put brilliantly in a nutshell by two different talks. Sir Martin Sorrell, ex-WPP boss, described how his new S4 Capital venture with its direct-to-consumer approach and programmatic focus on first party data will—as he has put it—reinvent the agency model with ‘faster, better, cheaper.’ On the other hand, early-Facebook investor Roger McNamee represented a critical voice, talking passionately about his concerns and advocating provocatively that data collection should be heavily regulated, banning the sales of first-party data from the outset.

“It seems clear that the AdTech industry needs to do some serious collective thinking to get the trust of the consumer by walking the walk and presenting trustworthy approaches. Nielsen is already partnering with key players of the advertising and publisher ecosystem. We, as an independent measurement company, can guide and help the industry in addressing the challenging balance between privacy protection and advertisers' needs.”

Paul Barnard, Senior Director, SaaS Business Development, Nielsen Marketing Cloud:

“It was great to see Nielsen so well represented at DMEXCO this year. There was a vibrant atmosphere at the show with many of the attendees focused on specific agendas and clear objectives. This was certainly the case for the clients and prospects I met at the event, from international media owners and broadcasters to ad tech platforms and ad servers. There was significant interest in the Nielsen Data Management Platform with additional focus of conversation being around privacy and a post-cookie landscape.”

Kate Blaxill, Account Director, Nielsen Marketing Cloud:

“The conference was a good opportunity to meet senior contacts we wouldn't otherwise meet, in particular German agencies. In regards to third party-data the Nielsen Marketing Cloud has to offer, there was a focus on the data source (is it consented?) and whether our clients can have access to the seed data. Cookie/mobile ID was another big talking point.”

David Clark, Regional Vice President, EMEA, Nielsen Marketing Effectiveness:

“The marketing industry is facing the challenges of a breaking measurement system. Consumers prefer ads that are tailored to their interests, their use of services, and their viewing and shopping habits, yet the use of cookies is sinking into decline. It’s not an option to stand by and watch as cookies gradually disappear, taking access to valuable user interaction data with them. Marketers must take steps to find alternative means of measurement, and forging strategic partnerships will ensure they are in a stronger position to maintain an effective measurement strategy into the future."

See you next year at DMEXCO 2020!

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