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February 28, 2019 Ginna Hall

Last week marked the second edition of Advertising Week Latin America, joining a global network of Advertising Week events in New York, Tokyo, Sydney, and London.

#AWLATAM, held at Papalote Museo del Niño, in the Chapultepec Forest in Mexico City, welcomed over 4,000 media, marketing, brand, and technology experts from throughout Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

Attendees focused on key business trends, issues, and conversations that are shaping today’s global industry including marketing measurement.

The digital era has created exciting new opportunities for brands. It’s revolutionized the way we engage, interact with, and cater to audiences through our marketing efforts. We have new ways to measure and improve our efforts, as well.

Brands can now reach consumers through multiple channels, devices and platforms using a variety of tools and technologies, enabling marketers to target consumers more precisely with more personalized, relevant information than ever before.

But digital has also created a complex environment for marketers. The increasing array of channels, devices and platforms have splintered mass communication into thousands of niche outlets, each catering to a specific audience.

At the same time, technology is raising customer expectations. Today, consumers have access to virtually unlimited data, content, and information that has set the bar high for brands.

Andy Dubickas, VP Global Solutions, Nielsen was interviewed after his session, Digital Measurement: What Marketers Should Consider in 2019, at AdWeek LatAm.

Read his interview here or watch it on Twitter.

AdWeek: What are your impressions of the conference?

Andy: The first thing to point out is the energy here. There are about 4,000 registrants. There are a lot of people walking around having really good conversations, really excited to hear speakers. When I spoke I had a ton of good response and good interactions afterwards.

AdWeek: What were the highlights of your session?

Andy: I touched on the digital marketing challenges that marketers face in 2019. As we all know, digital marketing has faced a lot of changes in the last few years, especially last year. Changes are going to continue to come. I touched on some of the things that people are trying to do and that I’ve heard marketers talk about around the world in terms of what they struggle to understand. I focused on the questions people have about how to get a robust measurement and analytics strategy for their digital efforts.

AdWeek: Do you think the crowd here is young and very avid for more learning?

Andy: I don’t think you have to be young to be an avid learner, but I think it is a very young and engaged crowd. No matter the age or the type of role a person is in, everyone is ready to learn here. I attended a number of sessions today and there are a lot of good topics being discussed.

AdWeek: How would you define AdWeek LatAm? What was the best thing you experienced here?

Andy: The best thing is the connections that I’ve made. Meeting people from many different brands, many different roles, many different experiences, with all of them having the common thread of wanting to learn more and wanting to be better marketers. As a marketer, your job is to create a meaningful conversation with a consumer. If you have one theme for AdWeek, that’s probably it. How do you use different products, tools, datasets to create better conversations with people?

AdWeek: How is AdWeek LatAm different from other Advertising Weeks?

Andy: There are local cultures and nuances in every country around the world. At the other Advertising Weeks that I’ve attended in New York and London, I’ve sensed the same appetite for learning and a desire to gain more knowledge.

AdWeek: What is your advice for someone who wants to become a VP of Global Solutions?

Andy: Figure out what you know and what you don’t know. Never stop learning and excelling at what you know, but always be thinking about how you can increase your skill set and your knowledge base so you can become a better person, a better worker, a better teammate, a better employee.

Watch the Complete Interview on Twitter.

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